Ryan Merriman (_ryan_merriman) wrote in must_be_disney,
Ryan Merriman

Welcome Disney-ers to Must Be Disney, the community made especially for you. Feel free to post about anything, especially Disney. That's what we're here for right?

Not everyone can join, however. If you are in any way associated with Disney, than you can join. Anyone not associated with it, well, don't even think about it.

When you want to join, it would help if you send me an email telling me how you're associated with Disney. But if it's obvious, like if you are the star of a Disney show or movie, then that's fine. But if you made a guest appearance on a show or did a song for a movie, I'd like to know. It's very hard to find out some of that information. So please send me an email to help me out.

[[Hold on there. If you came across this community, you need to understand something. We are not the real celebrities. This community is in affiliation with must_be_pop so you should probably read their rules there, or read all of the disclaimers posted everywhere.]]
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